Frank Miguletz, Mar 25 & 26, 2019

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This is for $150 deposit towards your class fee, the purchase of this deposit secures your space in class, thanks so much Jelveh

Frank Miguletz Two Day Workshop $550, lunch included, 9am to 5pm Mon & Tues Mar 25 & 26, 2019

Day 1:

  • Classic “Lexi” beads 2.0
  • “Bouquet” beads
  • “Valentine’s Lexi” beads

We learn how I make my signature “Lexi” pattern – color combinations I prefer – how to build up a “Maxi Lexi” and why this way – hints and tricks and why I break the “color scheme” – ”Valentine’s Lexi” beads – how to put the heart in that – and some hints how to make this pattern work with opaque colors or transparent colors.

Day 2:

“Miguu” beads

“Black Linea” beads

“Foenix” beads

We will make my beloved “Miguu” beads – different methods to start – how to keep these crisp lines till the end – let the glass flow – the “Miguu” shape only by using gravity – preparing the different canes for the “Black Linea” – perfectly encasing the whole bead and protecting the colors – and again gravity – let the glass flow

Last but not least my “Foenix” beads – the faked implosion!

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