Jelveh Designs Key Mandrel Flameworking Tool

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I’m so thrilled to announce that I am now selling the brand new Jelveh Designs Key Mandrel. I designed and manufactured this wonderful tool to enable you to secure a skeleton key (or anything with a hole that you want to wrap glass around!) and wrap perfectly round beads around it while working in the flame. It is one of the coolest tools that I have in my bead-making toy box...especially since skeleton key beads are all the rage right now!

The Jelveh Designs Key Mandrel is made out of stainless steel, and the skeleton key is secured by a simple hex screw and washer assembly. Please note: when using this tool, do not put the Hex screw & washer assembly in the flame as this may damage the screw & temporarily make it difficult to remove the screw. After you make the bead on the key, you put the mandrel in the kiln. All instructions on how to use this tool will be included in your package.

I will include free of charge in your order the Allen Wrench that you need to use with this tool...
There are many things that you can make with this tool. This tool is 10 inches long.

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