Tatyana Boyarinova Workshop Deposit

Regular price $300.00

Workshops are held from November 15,16,17,18,19,20

This is for a deposit and or purchase of one or more of the following classes, please note as your purchase which one of the following classes you are signing up for. contact me if you have any questions.

Thursday November 15th, 2018,  Floral one day $300 

During our class I’ll show you my way to get different thickness petals. We will play with color making one and twotone petals. We will also discuss more and less suitable glass to make petals. We’ll apply my technique through the example of a rose and a sweet pea. If the group works fast I’ll show also demo with an iris.

Friday November 16th, 2018, Sakura Murrini one day $300

This class consists of many easy steps. We’ll start working with stamens pulling easy murrini and making full central part. Then we’ll discuss the way to choose the petals’ color. Let’s find out how to get the shape of the petals! Understanding the way to make this flower will give you explanation of making any murrini flowers or fish.

Saturday & Sunday November 17th & 18th, Bouquets two day class $550 

This class includes making off mandrel 3 types of flowers: snow flowers, crocuses and sweet peas. We’ll learn making different shapes of petals. We will use different ways to work with petals choosing the best way to get the thickness we need. The most interesting part of the class – setting up full branches of flowers. At the end of the class students will get full bouquet of their own glass flowers.

November 19th, Galaxy one day $300

During the class we’re going to make 5 pieces of glass art . From simple to complicated. Will start with regular bead with a hole. We’ll continue with a cabochon and glass ring. After that we’ll make biconvex lens. And the last work is a marble with planets. We’ll learn to work on mandrel and off mandrel

November 20th, Sculpture one day $300

During the workshop we’ll sculpt a frog and octopus on the surface of a bead, and a chameleon on the tip of a mandrel. We will focus on working with shape and proportions using different colors of glass. We will also use striking silver glass for a chameleon, learning to strike the color properly. Using stringers we will sculpt glass forms. After this class you will be able to create your own glass animal with your own special designs.